We See


Neff & Associates has the experience and expertise to look at the big picture when
approaching a project. Whether its how a site will culturally fit within a community,
how a design will impact the surrounding environment, or which government
agencies need to be involved in order to meet the client’s needs, Neff & Associates
has the tools to see the big picture.



Neff & Associates’ goal is to provide quality designs for its clients by balancing
form and function. Nowhere is this more obvious in a project than the details. Neff &
Associates understands that the attention to detail in a project is the difference between
done… and well done. From the most intricate calculations and measurements to the
purposefully subtle placement of a bench or tree, Neff & Associates knows that the
details matter.



Neff & Associates knows that the most vital parts of completing a project are the
relationships needed to get from beginning to end. Neff & Associates always strives
to cultivate very open and honest relationships with its clients. These relationships
are pivotal in ensuring that a client always gets what they want and more. However,
it doesn’t stop here. For years, Neff & Associates has been nurturing relationships
with countless municipalities, government agencies, contractors and more. These
relationships are just one more way that Neff & Associates makes every project a