Landscape Architecture

Since 1994, Neff & Associates Landscape Architecture service has grown considerably as a result of providing high quality, innovative solutions.

Landscape / Hardscape Design

Specifying plants that will provide proper form and function are essential to good landscape design in addition to assuring the long term survival through smart selection of plant materials and assuring proper installation. Also, the addition of hardscape elements such as brick, tree grates, site furnishings, lighting, etc. can add an element of class and uniformity.

An often overlooked part of a project, proper landscape design can turn a project from “just another project” to a project that will be noticed.

Neff & Associates provides essential Landscape/Hardcape design for Residential, Commercial, Mixed-use and Industrial developments as well as individual Residential Estate planning.


The entrance to a Residential or Commercial development is the “front door” and the first thing that people notice when entering a site. For this reason we feel that it is particularly important that this area receive careful planning and special attention to detail.

We have designed many eye catching entrances to developments, in addition to creating design standards for developments that provide a theme and add an element of consistency.


A well designed streetscape that includes street trees, brick, landscaping, lighting, site furniture, etc. can be inviting and introduces a pedestrian element to a new or already established street. This can be beneficial to commercial establishments on the street and can help create an identity for a municipality.

Athletic facilities

Neff & Associates has provided planning and engineering services for a variety of athletic facilities on behalf of municipalities, schools, and individual homeowners. Some examples of these facilities include baseball/softball fields, soccer/football fields, swimming pools, track,and tennis courts.

Wetland & Stream Mitigation

With environmental regulations becoming more restrictive, wetland and stream mitigations have become essential for many projects. We can provide construction documents, construction administration, and obtain necessary regulatory agency approvals. We work closely with environmental consultants to assure that the mitigation design models natural processes in addition to meeting any regulatory agency restrictions that apply.

Stormwater BMP’s

Post construction stormwater Best Management Practices (BMP’s) are now necessary for all projects in the state of Ohio as a result of the Ohio EPA Phase II requirements. We have been providing innovative solutions to meet these requirements through the implementation of Water Quality Ponds, Stormwater Wetlands and Bioretention basins, to name a few.

Presentation graphics

We provide graphics such as color renderings and power point presentations to assist in project visualization. These graphics help sell a project to municipalities, and can be used by the owner for marketing purposes.