Edward L. Keaton, P.E.

Vice President
Ed Keaton P.E. brings experience in the management of all design aspects for single and multi phase residential, public housing, municipal and industrial projects. Ed has gained expertise from these projects in the areas of sanitary sewers, pump stations, storm sewers, water distribution systems, earthworks, storm water management and storm water pollution prevention. In 2005 Mr. Keaton took on the role of Vice President where he has been able to apply this knowledge and expertise in the overseeing of up to five Project Managers and numerous professional engineers, professional surveyors, technicians and support staff. Responsible for the day-to-day activities and supervision of the Engineering, Surveying and Land Planning Departments. A brilliant problem solver who is involved in the project design process and assures that projects taken on by the company flow smoothly. As Vice President, Mr. Keaton maintains close working relationships with clients and city/county officials enabling the design review and approval process of projects to proceed smoothly and efficiently.