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Neff & Associates is a full service firm that has been meeting the site development needs of
Northern Ohio for over 70 years, and is constantly expanding our area of service
and expertise. Please take your time to browse the professional services that we offer.
Current Ohio Engineer & Survey Certificate
Current Landscape Architect Certificate



Cyril Neff is joined by his son, Thomas J. Neff P.E, P.S., to form Neff & Associates Partnership and adding a second generation of Neff Engineers About Us


Daniel J. Neff, P.E., Thomas J. Neff Jr., P.S., and Timothy C. Neff purchase all assets, goodwill, and the name from Neff & Associates, Inc. Adding a third Neff generation to the engineering world

About Us


Company Timeline
About Us


Cyril Neff opens his own Civil Engineering & Surveying company in Cleveland, Ohio cementing the Neff name as a mainstay in the  construction industry of Northeast Ohio for years to come.

About Us1974

Cyril & Thomas Neff incorporate the Firm as the business continues to grow, both within the Cleveland Area, and regionally.

About Us1999

Daniel J. Neff, president of D.J. Neff Enterprises, Inc. obtains full ownership of the firm which continues doing business as Neff & Associates and performing the high quality services its customers have enjoyed since 1939.